Boynton Beach Dental Services and Procedure for Patients

Boynton Beach Dental Services and Procedure for Patients

smiles-by-glerumIf looking for a Dentist in Boynton Beach, go no further than Smiles by Glerum. With years of extensive industry experience, Dr. Karen Glerum, DDS, is committed to excellence in all dental services and procedures. Along with a highly-dedicated and committed staff, she and the team have a genuine desire to help patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health. They also work diligently to secure your cosmetic goals, while offering a full suite of dental services guaranteed to meet your needs. At Smiles by Glerum, patient comfort and thorough examinations are the cornerstones of this thriving and family-orientated practice.

Dental Services

With state-of-the-art and industry leading equipment, patients are assured timely and effective services to meet all their cosmetic dentistry needs. Dr. Glerum and the team also offer oral cancer screenings, along with pain-free root canals, cavity treatments, bridgework, crowns, and so much more. As always, they educate patients on all aspects of dental disease and proper oral hygiene – while working with them every step of the way to ensure a pain-free and comfortable experience. With honesty, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to meet patient goals, they offer a full range of affordable dental services:

·         Porcelain veneers – dentures and partials

·         Cosmetic implants – teeth whitening

·         Sedation Dentistry

·         Oral DNA & HPV testing – cancer screenings

·         Crowns & Bridges – Cosmetic fillings

·         Six-Month Smiles – Invisalign

·         Snap-On Smiles – Periodontal Treatments

·         Proper Oral Hygiene and Brushing Techniques

Professional Boynton Beach Dental Experts

general dentistryAs your premier Dentist in Boynton Beach, Dr. Glerum and her staff truly care about their patients needs. This is why they strive to help all new and existing patients with unsurpassed dental services. From cosmetic dentistry and annual checkups to surgical procedures, they have the tools and expertise to meet patient needs within time and budget. With timely communications and a wide array of services, they can truly restore your smile!

For more information, simply contact them today for an appointment.

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Movies In The Park – Boynton Beach

Bring your favorite beach chair or blanket and catch a movie under the stars! This free event will feature a family friendly movie each month. The movie will be projected on a large inflatable screen set on the stage of the Ocean Avenue Amphitheatre (129 E. Ocean Ave.) Food, snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. The Boynton Beach CRA will also hold a free drawing with prizes consisting of gift certificates to some of the local restaurants and businesses. Be sure to get there early to secure a great seat and free parking is available. For more information, contact Christopher at the Boynton Beach CRA – 561.600.9093

movies-in-park-logoMovies in the Park dates & times:

10/2- 8:00 pm- The Goonies

11/6- 7:00 pm- Back to the Future Celebrating the 30th Anniversary

12/4 No Movie (Holiday Tree Lighting Event 5:30 pm)

1/1- 7:00 pm

2/5- 7:00 pm

3/4- 7:00 pm

4/1- 8:00 pm

5/6- 8:00 pm

6/3- 8:00 pm


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Boynton Beach, A Great Holiday Destination!

HIEboynton-logoVisit Boynton Beach for the Holidays!

If you are planning to get rid of a busy schedule of yours into a very peaceful environment, you can surely consider Boynton Beach on top of your list. This beach is just magnificent and is defined by the name Gateway to Gulf Stream’. The beach experience has been just magnificent as there is absolutely no compromise on the safety front. It is a 100% safe location, with prepared staff and absolute planning, to avoid any undue incident in the name of adventure. All these form a part of Boynton Beach healthy lifestyle.

boynton beach mallGreat Shopping!

This beach located in Florida can also be an important destination for shopping lovers. Most tourist destinations are restricted to one of two holiday spots, but this destination has a long list, which will keep adding the total number of days in your vacation plan. There are close to 200 boutiques in and around the beach, which are more than famous. There are many more art related stuff, which can keep you busy, shopping for at least 2 days. Shopping near this beach by itself is a great fun activity.

Awesome night life

Another thing which is inherited from Boynton Beach healthy lifestyle is the great night life. The night life includes great shopping fun, parties, dining out, etc. Boynton Beach can be regarded as one of the liveliest towns in the world, particularly in terms of nightlife. With so much activity in the night, it is one of the safest places to move out during the night. There virtually seems no major difference between the day life and night life.

boynton beach to doMore than just a few tourist spots

There are several other places to visit close to the Boynton Beach, which include Boynton Harbour Marina, Clematis Street, Promenade Condos, Kravis Art Centre, Atlantic Avenue, etc. Each of the tourist spots is quite different from others. The city consists of varied tourist destinations, which can attract people of all age groups.

Distinguishing factor

Boynton Beach certainly is a lot different from other tourist destinations. The hospitality of the town and the overall setup is a true indication of what Boynton Beach healthy lifestyle and culture is all about. This destination has the highest number of second time visitors, which truly depicts the satisfaction and happiness people carry from here. People, who wish to relish some memories for a lifetime, must and should visit this place for utmost pleasure and relief (from stressful life).

Yelp is an excellent place to find Boynton Shopping destinations.

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Some Boynton Beach History

nathan boynton

What Do You Know About Boynton beach’s History?

Two years before Henry Morrison Flagler’s railway was built by he, Nathan Boynton was named set eyes on the region that now bears his title by a former American civil-war leading. He was therefore amazed by the natural splendor of immaculate beaches and the year round sun, he constructed the famed Boynton resort, where he also spent winters along with his household. The settlers, whom Boynton had introduced along from MI, shortly recognized that many fruits vegetables flourished in the rich climate. Citrus, tomatoes, mangoes, and pineapples were packed in crates and sent by the tonne to the Florida East Coast Railroad that was recently built to meet the desires of hungry Americans all over the united states. The resort carried through until 19 25, although major Boynton died in Port Huron.

The township was incorporated as the city of Boynton in 1920. In 1939 that neighborhood switched its title to “Ocean Ridge” while The city of Boynton took the title “Boynton Beach” in 1941.
In 1926, the Seaboard air-line Railway entered what was then only Boynton, spurring land improvement a mile in land close to the Seaboard station, including the first subdivision of the township. Places across the Intracoastal Waterway as well as the Federal freeway in Boynton additionally saw housing developments as land became more precious. To the west, several dairy farms were founded to ensure the Boynton region became the primary milk provider. By the seventies, the dairy farms were prosperous and these properties also were transformed to housing developments.

Boynton Beach ocean-front Park is situated north of the Boynton resort website that is original. The shore casino was constructed in 1928 and featured showers, locker rooms and a big dining hall and occupants used the casino for social affairs and events.

boynton beachFrom the 20’s to now, Boynton Beach ocean-front Park continues to be popular with citizens and visitors alike. In the mid-1990s, the park experienced a significant restoration during which the boardwalk was reconstructed from plastic. The Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach was voted the very best family beach by The Palm Beach Post. In 2012 developments were made to the structures including complete refurbishment, across the boardwalk.

Boynton Beach on Monday, Oct 24, 2005 hit, creating extensive harm to companies and houses. In 2006, the town government approved the demolition of the historical Seaboard rail station, which had endured complete in private hands to the station stopped in 1971. 2006 additionally found a rise in gang related violent-crime. The same increase was reflected by this growth . As 2009 gang violence has dropped three percent of. On 27 January 2012 the city manager was suspended from office for attempting to affect a police investigation into his private matters by the state governor.

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